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Nov28, 2015


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“Wouldn’t you love to determine the ultimate fate of your dentist, or, better yet, your lawyer?  Wouldn’t you love to go to his office and mess up his game, mess up his contract, mess up his life, and punish him for all your pain and suffering?  Wouldn’t you love to foul him, fine him, and […]

Nov19, 2015


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MY FAVORITE ARTIST is my friend, 7 year old Mario Oliva. 

Mario is a wonderful artist, so several months ago I asked him if he would do a football painting for the Deacon Jones Foundation’s NFL collection.  He asked me to give him reference pictures and I searched and gave him a lot.  Apparently his mother […]

Nov17, 2015

Rams Photo

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Deacon Jones and the Los Angeles Rams on the field of play.