A Foundation Committed to Making a Difference in the Lives of Inner-City Kids

Offering students and their communities every opportunity for success

The Deacon Jones Foundation was founded in 1997 to assist young people and the communities in which they live with a comprehensive program that included education, mentoring, and community service. It was created with a mission to develop leaders … young, educated, talented, intelligent, accomplished people who understand their commitment to the communities from which they come, and have the tools and the desire to return to give back of their knowledge; to help those less fortunate; to help stem the cycle of inner-city strife and continuous depreciation of neighborhoods; to be positive role models for others to emulate.

Deacon Jones served as the president and CEO of the Foundation through his final days.

Continuing the legacy of Deacon’s passion through art and outreach

Today, the Deacon Jones Foundation is proudly embarking upon a new endeavor to fulfill its mission, and Deacon’s, to serve youth populations who need our support. Through an exceptional arrangement with the National Football League, the Deacon Jones Foundation is launching a fine art program featuring the sale of museum-quality limited edition sports art prints.

These fine art pieces will be officially licensed by the National Football League, adding tremendous value and authenticity to each. All proceeds from the sale of these specially licensed works of art will benefit the Deacon Jones Foundation and a newly formed outreach program for inner-city youth interested in developing their own artistic talents. Information on events, programs, and opportunities for engagement in this outreach program will be announced on this site soon.

We are fortunate to be working with many world-renowned artists as we develop this new philanthropic venture: top American artists Edgar Brown, Robert Hurst, and Dave Hobrecht, just to name a few. We are also honored and grateful to the NFL for the outstanding opportunity this unique partnership provides. It will allow the Foundation an exciting and inspiring avenue for generating resources to offer the maximum possible assistance and to assure the utmost success for students and for the communities that are served.

How you can get involved with the
Deacon Jones Foundation

Since Deacon’s passing in 2013, the Foundation continued to uphold his personal commitment to inner-city youth by:

  • Guiding selected students to the successful completion of the Foundation’s 7 Year Program that comprised a seven-year commitment to education, mentoring, community service, and employment
  • Maintaining corporate sponsorship support for our Scholarship Program
  • Connecting with community and industry leaders to ensure program participants’ re-investment in their neighborhoods
Having “graduated” the students who committed to the inaugural 7 Year Program into successful careers in medicine, dentistry, law, and graphic design, the Foundation has now concluded that program. We look back with pride on the achievements of those who completed it while continuing to remain connected with and in support of those individuals.

As we embark on the exciting new promotion of NFL-licensed artwork sales to benefit the Foundation, we invite Deacon’s many friends and fans to join our efforts. Visit our Artwork Shop to view the dynamic officially licensed by the National Football League prints available for purchase, and be sure to come back often to see what’s new.

Contact us today at or by phone at 714-403-4480 to learn more. The Deacon Jones Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.