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Welcome to the Deacon Jones Foundation artwork center. The Deacon Jones Foundation’s fine art program is offering limited-edition prints officially licensed by the National Football League. We are fortunate to partner with world-renowned artists in a philanthropic venture that benefits the Foundation and its outreach mission to inner-city youth interested in developing their own artistic talents.

Painter Robert Hurst is one of the top sports artists in the country. In addition to his sports-themed artwork, he creates vibrant music and western themed paintings. Working with acrylic paints, Robert is able to create a feeling of dynamic movement.Learn More
One of the world’s preeminent sports artists, Edgar J. Brown has been at the forefront of sports art in America. His natural ability to capture the power, technique, and graceful movement of athletes has redefined and elevated the art for more than a decade.Learn More
Born in Hamilton Ontario Canada in 1979 and currently residing in Barrie Ontario. Jamie has primarily worked in graphite and acrylic paints and is a self taught artist who has been working with various mediums for over 15 years who uses sports as his main subject matter.Learn More
Jackson’s love for sports began at the age of seven, after witnessing an iconic moment in NFL history. As a talented young artist, it seemed only natural that he would combine his artistic gift with his athletic obsession.Learn More
As an artist David Courson’s goal is to capture his passion and love for sports in all his pieces. Since early childhood he has had a passion for sports and drawing. His love for the game is what inspires him in his art career.Learn More
Dave is a sports enthusiast whose life was changed at age 13 when he was hit by a car. Upon waking up in a hospital bed two weeks later, Dave learned he would no longer have an opportunity to fulfill his dreams as an athlete.Learn More
D. Leeland Woodward has worked with many noted artists in helping to create their style through lithography and color separations, in the process, creating his own unique style of artwork. Painting and drawing his whole life, Leeland puts a fresh spin on his paintings..Learn More
Jota Leal was born in a small town in eastern Venezuela, thirty-six years ago. He began drawing and painting at a very young age, and never studied fine art. He attempted to sit in class as a child of six, but ran away after being forced to paint plastic fruit and empty bottles.Learn More
Mark Trubisky has been recognized as one of today’s foremost sport’s artist. His use of impressionism in a modern style captures the movement, drama and emotion of sports. His approach to his work is best summarized from a publication interview:Learn More
Jason Robichau is an artist from Houston, Texas whose paintings unite two of his passions: sports and art. From an early age, it’s safe to say that Jason was obsessed with sports. When he wasn’t playing them, he was usually drawing his favorite athletes from trading cards.Learn More
There is a truth to Alvin Fall’s images of athletes in motion – a clarity in his distilled expression of their skill, concentration, fear, joy, fatigue, pain, excitement, bravery and camaraderie – that brings an instant to life in sharp, three-dimensional relief. The images sizzle and bristle on the page…Learn More
Ben Teeter is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. His passion is painting sports athletes, but over hiscareer he has done a wide range of commissioned pieces and projects. Ben Teeter is a former Donruss Diamond Kings baseball card painter. Learn More
As the youngest of 8 children, Larry “Klu” Klukaszewski had many role models growing up. His father and two older brothers, all athletes, helped him to fall in love with sports. Additionally, his mother and sisters…Learn More
Dan Tearle developed an eye for detail from a young age and has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Although living in the UK, he started to follow the sport of American Football in his teens…Learn More
Tempy Moore is the first female artist signed by the Deacon Jones Foundation. She is a self-taught charcoal portrait artist, influenced by passion for Pittsbugh Sports. Over the last 9 years, Tempy Moore has found herself taking personal commissions from professional athletes…Learn More
Robert is an artist from Whitehall Pennsylvania who uses colored pencil, graphite, acrylic and airbrush to achieve the highest level of realism in his Sports paintings. His father, a sign painter for over forty-five years was a tremendous influence of his art.Learn More
Born in the small town of Springfield, KY, Don currently lives in north east Pennsylvania. Comic book art and the paint by numbers system cultivated his interest into the world of art. He immediately discovered his talent to draw when he started drawing from the comic books freehand.Learn More
He has exhibited extensively for 25 years throughout the United States and in England, including regular exhibits in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Massachusetts, and at one-man galleries in Carmel, California, and Newport, Rhode Island. Learn More
As a child growing up in Chicago, sports became a major part of Jim’s life. He also began to develop a love for drawing. His passion for art drove him to take every available art course he could and he began to combine his love for sport and art into graphite drawings.Learn More

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