Deacon Jones

An Educational, Mentoring, and Inner-City Community Program

THE PROBLEM: When the best and the brightest of any generation leave the inner-city communities where they were born and raised, everyone suffers. Those who leave give up part of their heritage. Those who remain are deprived of the energy, drive, and leadership of those who have moved on.

THE SOLUTION: The Deacon Jones Foundation believes that the best way to stem this hemorrhage of talent is to give young people the tools, understanding, and desire to revitalize their neighborhoods. If we empower our youth, they can return prosperity and a sense of hope and pride to their homes.

THE MISSION: "Coming from a poor, inner-city neighborhood myself, I have an intimate knowledge of all of the problems people face there. It's not just the inability to afford a good education that is a problem. Inner-city kids have to be prepared for college in every sense. For instance, kids from Beverly Hills grow up hearing about the stock market and real estate deals over the dinner table. When kids from the ghetto enter college and the workplace, they don't know a thing about what they hear. And they are never told exactly what their commitment to their own neighborhoods must be." - Deacon Jones

The Deacon Jones Foundation offers a unique and all-encompassing program to each student it chooses, helping to develop all of his or her talents: to prepare them for higher education; to give them corporate and business experience; to assist them in post-graduate endeavors; and to give them a sense of community and the life-long desire to assist in the betterment of the lives of those who follow. We will make a difference. The Deacon Jones Foundation is Winners Helping Winners!

THE PROGRAM: The Deacon Jones Foundation has created a 7-Year Program which begins when youngsters are selected at the end of the ninth grade. The candidates are provided with individual mentors, summer apprenticeships, an investment portfolio, on-the-job training in a corporate and business setting, and a full four-year scholarship to the university of their choice.

In return, all of the Foundation's students must give something back to their own communities. Each student is required to spend one month every summer as a volunteer in an existing community program. At completion of service, the students must submit a written report to the Foundation's Board of Directors, detailing the problems that they found, and outlining solutions they believe to be workable. This community commitment continues for all 7 years.

The Adopted Area Program

The "inner-city" is generally spread over a wide area, and several pockets of poverty exist in any major metropolitan area. To better allow the Foundation to have long-term impact in any given area, as well as to benefit corporate partners on local, regional, and national levels, a system of "Adopted Areas" has been developed.

Each "Adopted Area" represents a permanent scholarship fund, used exclusively in that particular inner-city, and established to revolve in perpetuity, continually refunding itself, and awarding as many scholarship programs as that fund can maintain.

Corporate and individual sponsors who wish only to support activities in their own communities or particular areas where they do business can insure that their donations remain, and are only used in, their specified areas of interest.

When a corporation or an individual wishes to sponsor a particular "Adopted Area," that scholarship program is permanently presented in his name. A company or an individual may purchase an entire "Adopted Area," or it may be purchased in the names of more than one founder.

By offering an "Adopted Area" to a specific location, the Deacon Jones Foundation is better able to accommodate the needs of various corporate partners and individual sponsors as they may choose. The Deacon Jones Foundation offers general Foundation support and affiliation to those national sponsors who wish to be included in a broader fashion. Because the Foundation is national in scope and develops and funds its own programs, it is able to initiate involvement in any inner-city a sponsor chooses to assist.

As the Deacon Jones Foundation exists to assist its students and their respective communities, we work with our corporate sponsors to develop a partnership that is long-term, worthwhile, exciting, and beneficial to all concerned.

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