Seven Steps for Seven Years


THE GOALS: It is the goal of the Foundation to instill in our recipients their own understanding and desire to give back:

  • To be leaders of their communities
  • To help break the cycle of inner-city strife
  • To understand the need to rebuild and develop their surroundings for the benefit of others
  • To be role models, continuously recycling their talents
  • To help set the standards for hope and excellence for the next group of youngsters who follow


  • Inner-city ninth grade students are selected by the Foundation, based on criteria established by the Board of Directors.
  • During the three years prior to their high school graduation, they are required to participate in our mentoring program, and to work as volunteers within their own communities for at least one month each summer, with the Foundation's assistance.
  • Each summer, upon completion of their community service, for all "7 YEARS" of the program, they must present an essay to the Board of Directors, discussing their own communities, and what they believe they can contribute to better existing problems.
  • Upon completion of high school, and having maintained the standards set by the Foundation, students are given a full, four-year scholarship to the university of their choice, anywhere in the USA.
  • During college, the mentoring program continues. The mentoring program is one-on­ one, with "STRIKE FORCE" mentors available at all times to assist students with whatever difficulties they might face; to be their confidants and friends.
  • Their community commitment to work in the inner-city for one month each summer, as well as their annual essay, continues for all "7 YEARS".
  • They are introduced to, and employed by, our corporate partners, and learn how to relate to corporate America. . They are taught social poise and business protocol through corporate exposure. . They receive post-graduate support from the Foundation if they wish to further their scholastic education.
  • After college graduation they receive corporate and financial support if they wish to establish their own business within the inner-city.
  • They join the "STRIKE FORCE" as permanent members of the DEACON JONES FOUNDATION team, to mentor and be role models for the students who follow.

The "Seven Steps"
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