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As a football player and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Deacon Jones is a household name throughout America. A fourteen-year veteran of the NFL, Deacon played for the Los Angeles Rams from 1961-1971, as a San Diego Charger from 1972-1973, and finished his career in 1974 as a Washington Redskin.

In the world of football, Deacon is most well known as the man who coined the term "sack," perfected the devastating "head slap," and was a member of the most dominant defensive line the league has ever seen---the "Fearsome Foursome." He was named the "Secretary of Defense" by Los Angeles fans, the "Most Valuable Ram of All Time," by the Los Angeles Times, the "Greatest Defensive End of Modem Football," by Coach George Allen, and has been recently named as "Defensive End of the Century" by Sports lliustrated. He was unanimously voted to the NFL's 75 Year All Time Team and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, in 1980. In 2008, the NFL listed Deacon as one of the Top 10 draft steels of all time. Add to that the many millennium accolades by sports media everywhere-a member of everyone's top 100 players of all time---and it is easy to say that Deacon's football career stands alone.

As a personality in both radio and television, Deacon is almost as well known for his humor, candor, charisma, and interesting and knowledgeable assessment of the game. He tells it like it is. Deacon's media and broadcasting credentials are numerous and include a range of venues, from countless television appearances on shows like "Up Close", ''Hardcore Football", "Monday Night Live", and "Pro Magazine", to being a member of the Los Angeles Rams broadcast team as color analyst and analyst and personality on Fox Sports Network's "NFL This Morning." Football fans love the intimacy and behind-the-scenes insight that Deacon brings to the game. He has appeared on virtually every television and radio sports talk show in both the U.S. and Canada.

Marketing, corporate imaging, and public relations have been Deacon's forte since he left the game. He has worked for companies as diverse as the Miller Brewing Company, Hagar Slacks, Pacific Coast Medical Enterprises, and Epson America, and represented the NFL and Champion Products as spokesman for their Throwback campaigns. He is in constant demand as a motivational speaker at corporate sales meetings and special events.

Deacon was chairman for AstraiZeneca Pharmaceuticals in their national hypertension awareness program, "State of the Heart," continues to represent the NFL with their licensees and advertisers, and is a favored guest on all television and radio stations.

Deacon's recent trip to Iraq to visit the troops has added another dimension to what he does and where his interests lie. He has agreed to join forces with General Franks in an effort to pay homage and lend support to the families of the military men and women who have been either killed or wounded in action.

Deacon has received numerous awards for community work, in particular, his work with youngsters and youth organizations. In 1997 he founded the Deacon Jones Foundation, of which he is President and CEO. The Deacon Jones Foundation was established to assist young people and the communities in which they live with a comprehensive program that includes education, mentoring, corporate internship, and community service. The Deacon Jones Foundation is his passIon.

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