Exclusive Access to NFL-Licensed Fine Art Prints

Museum-quality prints available only through the Deacon Jones Foundation

NFL legend Deacon Jones began his namesake foundation with one purpose: to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged kids. The Foundation is proud to carry Deacon’s mission forward with a charitable merchandise program that brings fine art pieces, officially licensed by the National Football League, directly to sports fans around the United States. The sale of these fine art collectibles benefits both buyers, who will treasure the ownership of dynamic top-quality sports art, and the inner-city youth served by the outreach program funded by each purchase.

Officially Licensed NFL Art

Officially Licensed NFL Art

What type of artwork is available for purchase?

Renowned fine artists Edgar Brown, Robert Hurst, Dave Courson, Jota Leal, Jason Robichau, Robert McFetridge, and many others are making special-edition sports paintings available to the Deacon Jones Foundation. Each work is reproduced into limited-edition giclée prints, officially licensed by the National Football League and the NFLPA. These are not posters, but fine art reproductions created specifically to benefit the Foundation.

Giclée prints are museum-quality pieces printed on archival paper or canvas with the industry’s most advanced technology. Prints made through this process result in canvases that are as detailed and richly colored as an original painting. Fade-resistant archival inks and fine-art-grade printing material guarantee a beautifully crafted piece that will endure.

Where can I purchase a collectible NFL-licensed art print?

The sports art prints offered through the Deacon Jones Foundation NFL Artwork Program are exclusive, hand-picked collectibles available through the Foundation and online at nflshop.com, fansedge.com and fanatics.com. They can be purchased through our online shop or by contacting the Foundation to arrange an offline transaction.

How does my purchase help kids?

Athletes and professional sports organizations are well known for their charitable endeavors. Each year, they help millions of dollars flow back into needy communities, thus supporting the fans who inspire, support, and enliven the teams they love. We are proud to extend this effort into direct outreach that helps deserving inner-city youth attain their educational and artistic goals. Each limited-edition fine art print, graced by a value-add NFL trademark, sold by the Deacon Jones Foundation puts funding directly into action where it matters most.

The artwork featured here cannot be found anywhere else. The mission you support with your purchase is a tireless and profoundly necessary one. Browse our collection and consider making one of these specialty prints your own before they’re gone.

Thank you for visiting and for your support of the Deacon Jones Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your purchases may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Officially Licensed NFL Art