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Young Emerging Artists Education & Scholarship Program


“We are investing in the future of today’s youth, and the creative minds that will move our country forward.”

Elizabeth Jones, Founder
Deacon Jones Foundation

At the Deacon Jones Foundation we believe that artistic expression of all types is an integral part of a student’s education, offering each individual a way of communicating that is a valuable asset throughout their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Because of the generosity of the National Football League and our corporate sponsors, the Foundation is supporting educational programs that are centered on the arts at high schools throughout the country. Students at all levels of expertise, who have an interest in art, are encouraged to apply to this program. Each student will learn about art and explore and expand on their individual talents. The classes are taught by accomplished teachers and are completely funded by the Deacon Jones Foundation.

At the conclusion of the semester of learning, each student will have an artist portfolio of their unique works.

Three scholarships will be awarded to individual students from each class to be used to further their artistic and higher education goals.

With a national decline in public funding of the arts, the Deacon Jones Foundation Student Arts Program is proud to support these incredibly talented students.

Mojave High School . North Las Vegas

The Deacon Jones Foundation is delighted to announce the first Young Emerging Artists Education & Scholarship Program will take place at Mojave High School, located in North Las Vegas.

This school was once struggling to find its way, and under the direction of Principal Rael, it is now consistently raising the achievement level, giving credibility to its mantra of “Success! Nothing Less!”.

In the past three years Mojave High School has double digit gains in their graduation rate and a 20% plus growth in Math, Reading, Science, and Writing test scores.

By working with Principal Rael, the Deacon Jones Foundation will extend the curriculum to include the Young Emerging Artists Education and Scholarship Program in the fall of 2015. The Foundation is thrilled to be working with Mojave High School and to watching the students explore and expand on their artistic talents.




Mojave High School Art Program Mojave High School Art Scholorship Program