Mark Trubisky

Mark Trubisky has been recognized as one of today’s foremost sport’s artist.  His use of impressionism in a modern style captures the movement, drama and emotion of sports.  His approach to his work is best summarized from a publication interview:

“My artwork is the triumph and celebration in sports everyone can find appealing.  At some point in everyone’s lives, we have all competed for something important to us.   In sports… doubt, physical fatigue and uncertain outcomes seem to symbolize and represent our own experiences.   This idea of overcoming obstacles, resiliency and hard work are universal themes that find broad cultural appeal.

In many paintings, I try to capture the action of movement at a critical point of decision or outcome.  In others, I try to capture the taste of success that fans rally around.  I try to position the composition so the viewer is a witness to the drama being played out.”

Much of Mark’s mood and atmosphere is created with a strong source of highlight.  There is a strong intensity of color and contrast as result of a careful palette study.  Although Mark is increasingly recognized for his glass abstract paintings, his first love remains sports art where he continues to share his passion and charity support.

Visit his website to learn more about the artist and his work:

Mark Trubisky