Congratulations to Tony Carnevale on the opening of his brand new fine art gallery, the Carnevale Gallery at Las Vegas’ famous Caesars Palace.  We are so happy for him and especially thrilled that Tony has chosen the Deacon Jones Foundation’s NFL Art as his opening exhibit.

IMG_2201IMG_2210Tony opened yesterday, January 2nd, and the reaction to our artwork was stupendous.  People were walking by and stopping in awe of the gorgeous NFL art that they had never seen before.  Every person who saw it had wonderful things to say, and I was personally there when Tony made his first sale to an avid Giants fan who “just had to have” one of the giclées and promised to be back today to purchase more.  The next group that came in to the gallery were Broncos fans and the lady took photos of every Bronco piece to send to her son.  I hear that she came back again today to make her purchases—and the rest of the day went on the same way.  Tony is a happy man and we at the DJF couldn’t be happier for him and for our beautiful line.

We are also delighted to announce that the Deacon Jones Foundation’s prints are in the process of being offered for sale on,, and,, as well as on our own website.  It looks like we have arrived!