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Exhibiting at Carnevale Gallery, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to Tony Carnevale on the opening of his brand new fine art gallery, the Carnevale Gallery at Las Vegas' famous Caesars Palace.  We are so happy for him and especially thrilled that Tony has chosen the Deacon Jones Foundation's NFL Art as his opening exhibit. Tony opened yesterday, January 2nd, and the reaction to [...]


"Wouldn't you love to determine the ultimate fate of your dentist, or, better yet, your lawyer?  Wouldn't you love to go to his office and mess up his game, mess up his contract, mess up his life, and punish him for all your pain and suffering?  Wouldn't you love to foul him, fine him, and [...]

Mojave Art and Scholarship Program Sponsored by the DJF

We are so proud of our first class of students in the after school Mojave Art and Scholarship Program. Stay tuned for more on the progress of these amazingly talented individuals. We can't wait until the end of the program to award our first series of scholarships. This program is sponsored by the Deacon Jones [...]

Five Questions with Featured Artist Larry “Klu” Klukaszewski

1) What is your inspiration for painting? What made you want to pursue a career in art? My inspiration for painting is my family. Though I have always enjoyed painting, as I began having children, I began painting more and more as a way to supplement my teaching income. I feel very blessed to be [...]


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