Josh Jacobs Artist1) What is your inspiration for painting? What made you want to pursue a career in art?

At an early age, I felt art is the best way I can express myself though drawing.  Over the years of trial and errors, practice and persistence, I then developed several techniques that gave me the confidence to believe I have a talent for sports art, fans deserved to see.  Some people are built for creativity whether it’s music or being a pro athlete.  I’m built for capturing the action of sports on canvas.

2) What got you into doing sports paintings? / Do you do any other artwork outside of the sports realm? If so what else?

My father owned several sports shops throughout Northern California.  While bonding with my father, playing and watching sports became a huge part of our lives.  Painting sports athletes is my way to contribute and honor those, past and present, who play the games.  When I’m not painting sports, I have a passion for WWII aviation art.  For the similar reason I paint sports, I enjoy painting WWII war scenes and war planes.

Kap Attack Colin Kaepernick3) What medium do you work with and why?

I work with several mediums and surfaces that I paint on.  Canvas, Masonite board, birch, wood, newspaper and illustration board.  I tend to work with acrylics mostly because of the durability and versatility.  You can paint on just about anything.  The fast drying time is conbiement and I enjoy working with the vibrant colors.  Other mediums I work with are, watercolors, airbrush, oils and colored pencil.

4) What is your favorite sport to watch and what is your favorite sport to paint? and why? Who is your favorite athlete if anyone? What is your favorite sports team (if any team)?

My favorite sport to watch is MLB baseball.  Baseball is a chess match of matchups and positioning.  It’s a sport where just about any man of any size can play.  I enjoy painting NFL players most.  There is simply too much action to pass up and get a design of mine painted.  Jerry Rice, my child hood idol is my favorite pro athlete.  From Jerry’s work ethic, to displaying his extraordinary talents on the field.  Jerry is a class act off the field as well.  Being born in San Francisco, I was born a 49ers fan.

5) Who are some of your favorite artists (past or present)?

All are my favorite artists.  Anyone who has the confidence to express themselves in art I find to have a mutual respect for them.  Here are a few artists I look up to as mentors and coaches.  Stephen Holland, sports artist.  Stephen captures the action and intensity the brings out the soul of each player.  Arthur K. Miller.  Arthur paints photo realistic portrait paintings of sports and pop culture.